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Mindfulness Reading Group: Compassion Focused Therapy with Dr Charlie Heriot-Maitland

29 March 2021 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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The emerging science and practice of Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT; Gilbert, 2009; 2010), has its roots in evolutionary psychology, attachment theory, and neuroscience.

It offers a useful framework for approaching mental health and wellbeing challenges at each of the personal, professional, organisational, and community levels.

One of the core aims of CFT is to help people regulate threat-based emotions, experiences, and conflicts by building internal feelings of safeness and connectedness.

It also helps provide contexts, practices and insights that facilitate the development of compassion to self and others.

In this workshop, we will start with an understanding of why compassion is important.

The reality is that we just find ourselves here, in the flow of life, with a ‘tricky brain’ that can cause us all sorts of problems. A lot of what happens in our minds is not our fault, but it is still up to us what we want to do about it.

In this workshop, we will explore how our evolved minds can be orientated in certain ways depending on our social motives, and consider evidence of how orientating our minds towards compassion for self and others can bring a variety of positive mental and physical and health benefits.

The workshop will introduce ideas on how we might develop compassion for ourselves, as well as facilitate the development of compassion among others, including those who are experiencing distress and difficulties with their mental health.

We will also consider ways of creating social contexts and environments in which compassion may flourish. A combination of group discussion exercises and experiential practice will be used.

Learning outcomes - 

Improve understanding about why compassion is important and the factors which influence individuals' orientation towards self-compassion. Develop awareness of how we might develop compassion for ourselves and facilitate the development of compassion among others. Learn about contextual factors which might influence the ability of compassion to flourish. Increase reflection on compassion focused therapy techniques Gain experiential knowledge of evoking compassion.

Speakers - 

Dr Charlie Heriot-Maitland is a clinical psychologist, researcher and trainer at Balanced Minds (London and Edinburgh). For the last six years, he has been researching the application of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) for people in NHS services who are experiencing distress in relation to psychosis (as an MRC Research Fellow at King’s College London and University of Glasgow, 2014-2020). He provides therapy, supervision, and consultation for Balanced Minds, which is a UK organisation specialising in CFT. He has also run over a hundred various compassion training workshops both nationally and internationally.

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