Maximising Interpersonal Relationships: FIRO Element B (European English Edition, 2003)

The aim of this workshop is to introduce FIRO Element theory and explain Schutz’s Human Element methodology of maximising interpersonal relationships. It will equip participants with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to apply the instrument in 1:1 feedback and exploration.


09:30 Registration/Tea and Coffee
10:00 Workshop starts (there will be a 30min break for lunch)
16:30 Workshop ends


A combination of lecture, exercises, imagery and practical experience allowing delegates to become familiar with the FIRO Element B tool through self review. Completion of the questionnaire and exploration practice in pairs allows individuals to review their own FIRO Element B profiles and explore a partners profile with an element of co-coaching incorporated to help in understanding of the model and how it can be used in a developmental setting. FIRO Element theory has become a world renowned model for understanding human relations, people performance and productivity. Developed by Will Schutz (Schutz, 1958) the FIRO theory begins with the simple premise that improving compatibility between people will improve their productivity.  Compatibility is measured through three interpersonal need areas: inclusion, control and openness (ICO).  According to Schutz compatibility depends on three postulates: the ability of two people to satisfy each others interpersonal needs in the ICO areas; whether their needs in these areas are complimentary; and how similar they are in respect to the amounts of each of the behaviours they desire.

Prior to attending the workshop, delegates will be asked to do some summary reading and also complete the FIRO Element B online. This workshop is only open to BPS Registered test users who have been awarded Test User Occupational, Ability.

Learning outcomes and objectives 

  • Acquiring breadth and depth of knowledge and awareness of FIRO Element theory and FIRO Element B
  • Becoming competent to use FIRO Element B
  • Understanding applications of FIRO Element B for individual and team development
  • Raising self-awareness through experiential activity
  • Appreciating Will Schutz’s Human Element methodology

Facilitator: Sarah Speers CPsychol 

Sarah is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with over 10 years consultancy experience working within both the private and public sector. Sarah’s work includes Level A and B training, FIRO Element B and Emotional Intelligence accreditation programmes, profiling and assessment centres, facilitating Emotional Intelligence development programmes as well as a variety of other bespoke consultancy projects. Sarah is also an external field board representative at the University of Gloucestershire. Sarah is passionate about supporting people in their learning and uses her knowledge of Emotional Intelligence as well as her skills as a trainer to ensure that individuals have a positive learning experience. This also extends to the consultancy work that she does and her belief that finding the right person for the role increases effectiveness and business success.

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  • Society non-members: £200 + VAT

Persons eligible for concessionary rates are student members of the Society, graduate members registered under Rule 15.ii, Rule 21 members, and members who are unemployed. For evidence of unemployment, we will require a copy of your job seekers allowance book.

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