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An introduction to Interpersonal Psychotherapy in Clinical Psychology Practice

21 June 2018 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Registration fees can be found on the event booking page
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The workshop will aim to provide an introduction to some of the core concepts and skills of Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and how these ideas can be used to influence clinical practice.

The morning will offer an overview of the Interpersonal Psychotherapy model and how it can be used to make sense of presenting problems. The evidence base supporting the use of the model will also be discussed. The afternoon will focus on providing strategies and transferable skills that can be used across the lifespan. These skills will include communication tips and assessments of network relationships.

This event will be useful for anyone wishing to learn more about Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and will offer skills to inform practice in a range of settings and clinical populations. This workshop will be suitable both for IPT novices and for those with prior experience of the model.

Roslyn will be aiming to tailor the workshop to the learning needs and requirements of those who attend.

If you are attending and would like to offer feedback and suggestions prior to the day, please email [email protected] before Friday 1st June 2018 with one or two sentences about what you would particularly like to get from the day, and any specific questions that you would like addressed.

The British Psychological Society,
30 Tabernacle Street,

Event Location: 
09:30 Registration and refreshments
10:00 Workshop starts (there will be a break for lunch and lunch will be provided)
16:30 Workshop ends

Learning outcomes and objectives

  • To gain understanding of the Interpersonal Psychotherapy model
  • To consider and evaluate current evidence for the model in different clinical populations
  • To learn transferable skills and strategies from this approach to inform clinical practice across the lifespan

This event is organised by the British Psychological Society and administered by KC Jones conference&events Ltd.

Tel: +44 (0)1332 224506
Email: [email protected] 


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