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How to find and follow your purpose during difficult times

28 July 2021 9:00 am - 11:00 am
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Inspired by the growing movement of purpose-driven business, this interactive webinar will explore how to tune into what uniquely is yours to do rather than follow a counterfeit version of purpose that doesn’t bring real fulfilment.

The global coronavirus pandemic has had a huge psychological, as well as economic and social, impact. Many of us feel more fragile than ever before, whether about our finances, career, physical health or wellbeing. Some of us have gone into ‘survival mode’, driven by anxiety and overwhelm. Others have tried to compartmentalise our emotions but found this only works for a short time. Many of us have learnt the true value of human connection and the need for trusting relationships to help us find our way through.

The pandemic has brought into sharp relief the question of our ‘why’ – the meaningful reason that we do what we do. What gets me out of bed in the morning? What puts a spring in my step? What’s the real value I can add to other people or the planet? Finding answers to these questions in our search for energising work where humanity matters is gathering pace and unlikely to go away.

This interactive and experiential webinar focuses on how we can grapple with the question of purpose in our own lives. Inspired by the growing movement of purpose-driven business, we will explore how we can start to tune into our own sense of what is ours to do. We will take a look at a unique model of four different types of purpose to start to uncover a ‘true’ purpose rather than a counterfeit version that doesn’t bring real fulfilment. When we join others in conversation and move in the direction of our purpose, our energy flows and our motivation grows.

Here's a copy of a feature published in the Psychologist magazine. An adapted extract from ‘Powered by purpose. Energise your people to do great work’ by Sarah Rozenthuler.


Target audience

There are no-pre-requisites in terms of knowledge or experience to attend this webinar. We ask people to bring their curiosity, open-mindedness and willingness to have a conversation with other participants about purpose. The webinar is suitable for professional psychologists from all fields as well as trainee psychologists and students. Non-psychologists working in the areas of organisational development, HR, coaching and career guidance will also find the webinar of benefit. Participants at an early career, mid-career or seasoned professional stage are all welcome as it’s never too late (or too early) to start to explore what we feel called to do.


Learning Outcomes

Participants will:
1.    Learn about why the purpose-driven business movement is here to stay as the pressure for change is mounting. Employees want meaningful work, investors seek sustainable value and societal expectations increasingly demand that organizations are centre stage in protecting our shared assets and creating a prosperous future. 
2.    Understand why purpose at an individual level is key to our psychological wellbeing, career success and performance. Ignoring our calling hurts us. Acknowledging and attending to feelings of dissonance or disconnect is key to making positive change happen in our own lives.
3.    Appreciate how uncovering our purpose is not primarily an intellectual exercise but a whole-bodied engagement where we bring our hearts and minds, creativity and intuition, focus and playfulness to bear.
4.    Explore what the four types of personal purpose can show us about the path to a more fulfilling career and life. A ‘true’ purpose connects us with serving beneficiaries; purpose at a more egoic level keeps us trapped in working to meet limited goals that don’t bring real fulfilment.

Presenter: Sarah Rozenthuler CPsychol AFBPsS

Sarah Rozenthuler is a chartered psychologist and an Associate Fellow, a leadership consultant and published author. She has over 15 years international experience consulting to many organisations including BP, Discovery, Book Trust and Standard Chartered Bank.
Sarah is the CEO of Bridgework, a consulting company she founded in 2007. Sarah is the author of books on this topic.


Start: 09:00

Finish: 11:00

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