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Health Psychology Event: Understanding Routes and Training Options

25 June 2021 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
This webinar is free to attend and open to BPS members and the general public. Registration is required. See Pricing tab for information.
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Webinar 1 ‘Understanding Routes and Training Options’ -

Series of short talks and Q&As to illustrate the different routes into and career options for Health Psychology

Learning outcomes.

  • Informing on behalf of DHP UK on careers in Health psychology.
  • This is a bolt on to the DHP Annual Conference and approved as Careers in Health Psychology led by DHP NI

Please note: this webinar will not be recorded. To avoid disappointment please only book a place if you are able to attend the live webinar.

Webinar 1: Understanding Routes and Training Options for Health Psychology Careers

When: Fri 25th June 2021 – 10am-12pm                                             

Who: To be advertised across UK and Ireland targeting students/health psychology trainees and anyone interested in learning more about careers in health psychology.

The spotlight has never shone so brightly on health psychology as a discipline, particularly with events of the past year highlighting the crucial role it can play in society. There are a number of different routes and training options which can be taken in order to work within the field of health psychology and this free webinar will help to illustrate these pathways through a series of short talks and an interactive Q&A session with those actively working in varied health psychology careers.



Confirmed Speaker/(s)


Welcome and outline of webinar

Importance of ‘careers’

CHAIR: Dr Laura McGowan, Queen’s University Belfast (Chair, DHP-NI)

Dr Julie McLellan, University of St Andrews

10.10am – 10.30am

Talk 1 – Overview of how to work in Health Psychology (across UK)

Dr Liz Simpson, Ulster University

Dr Lynn Dunwoody, Ulster University

10.30am – 10.42am

Talk 2 – The Scottish Route

Dr Emily McBride, University College London

10.42am – 10.55am

Talk 3 – Health Psychology Practitioner

Niall Anderson,  Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

10.55am – 11am



11.00am – 11.12am

Talk 4 – Understanding the combined PhD and Stage 2 route

Dr Deirdre Timlin, Ulster University

11.12am – 11.25am

Talk 5 – Health Psychology in Academia

Professor Paul Bennett, Swansea University

11.25am – 11.40am

Talk 6 – Postgraduate Programmes for Health Psychology Practitioners in Ireland

Dr Jenny McSharry, NUI Galway

11.40am – 11.58am

Panel Q&A for all speakers

CHAIR: Dr Lisa Hynes, Chair of PSI-DHP

11.58am – 12pm

Thank you and close

Dr Laura McGowan


Dr Laura McGowan

Dr Laura McGowan is a Chartered Psychologist and Lecturer in Nutrition and Behaviour Change within the Centre for Public Health, Queen’s University Belfast. She has previously worked in the Public Health Agency NI and at the Health Behaviour Research Centre, University College London. Her research focuses on the development of theory-based behaviour change interventions to improve diet and nutrition status, and to prevent and treat obesity, in a variety of population groups spanning the lifecycle. Dr McGowan is the Lead for the Association for the Study of Obesity Northern Ireland Network https://www.aso.org.uk/network/northern-ireland/ and is currently the Chair of the Division of Health Psychology, NI. Dr McGowan is an invited member of the Obesity Prevention Steering Group at the Dept of Health NI and an invited member of the All-Island Obesity Coalition run by Safefood.

Dr Julie McLellan

Julie graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2010 with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology. She completed an MSc in Health Psychology at the University of St Andrews in 2011 and an MSc in Psychological Therapy in Primary care at the Universities of Dundee and Stirling in 2014. She undertook her BPS stage 2 qualification through her NHS Education for Scotland Trainee Health Psychologist post within NHS Borders (2014-2016) and qualified in 2017. Julie was awarded her PhD entitled: “The development of an intervention to support midwives in addressing multiple health behaviours with pregnant women” from the University of Stirling in 2020. She has worked as a Careers Adviser at the University of St Andrews since July 2020.

Dr Liz Simpson

Dr Liz Simpson is a registered Health Psychologist (HCPC), a Chartered Psychologist (BPS), and a volunteer with The British Psychological Society (BPS). Liz has successfully taken on the role of Chair of the Division of Health Psychology Training Committee for the BPS and acted as a member of the BPS Partnership and Accreditation Committee for a number of years.

Liz is a Senior Lecturer at Ulster University in Northern Ireland, a member of the School of Psychology Research Institute and Chair of the Health, Education and Well-being RRG (2012-2018). She is interested in biological mechanisms and their interplay with psychological and social factors such as immune function and cognition, HRT use and psychological well-being during the menopausal transition. Her research also focuses on public health issues and the use of theoretical models to understand health behaviours, contributing to the design and implementation of behaviour change interventions on dietary intake, physical activity, and e-cigarette use.

Liz has over 20 years’ experience of research in health psychology and has supervised several PhD projects investigating factors that contribute to health and wellbeing with age. She has published high quality papers on psychological well-being and health, presenting her work at national and international conferences.

Dr Lynn Dunwoody

Dr Lynn Dunwoody is an HCPC registered Health Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the BPS and holds full DHP membership. She is the Chief Assessor for the Society’s Qualification in Health Psychology and Chair of the BPS Partnership and Accreditation Committee. Lynn has several partner roles with the HCPC, as a Visitor, CPD and Registration Assessor.  As a  lecturer in health psychology at Ulster University, Lynn’s research is focused in the areas of adversarial growth, CBT and quality of life in relation to cancer; physical activity and rehabilitation, cancer and palliative care, psychosocial interventions and physical activity in community dwelling adults, specifically in the psychological and physical benefits of walking and being a volunteer community walk leader.

Dr Emily McBride

Dr Emily McBride is a Senior Research Fellow and HCPC-registered Health Psychologist based at University College London (UCL). She holds a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Fellowship to investigate the psychological and behavioural impacts of receiving abnormal test results at cervical cancer screening. Her most recent work explores explanatory mechanisms of anxiety and distress linked to co-morbid mental and physical health conditions.

Emily also holds expertise in health policy and generating impact, having previously worked as a Behavioural Scientist for the UK Government Department of Health and Social Care. She continues to work closely with Public Health England (PHE) and is Policy Lead for the British Psychological Society, Division of Health Committee. As a result of her contributions and successful impact in research and policy, she was recently awarded “Best Public Health Professional Researcher” by PHE and NIHR.

Niall C. Anderson

Niall is a Respiratory Highly Specialist Health Psychologist in Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust. Niall’s role is split between two services: Airway and Community Respiratory. For the former role, Niall has established an Airway Psychology Service within the existing Airway Service. This role involves working closely with a multi-disciplinary team to enhance the psychologically informed nature of provision i through individual interventions, case consultations, service development and research. For the latter role, Niall’s role involves contributing to multiple initiatives including ITU staff support and A&E staff triage, in addition to respiratory work.

Niall trained through the NHS Education for Scotland Stage 2 Qualification in Health Psychology programme, being employed by NHS Borders from 2016-2018. Since this time, Niall has been employed to work within the NHS in Wales to conduct interventions with adults with Long-Term Conditions and in England with adults with Cystic Fibrosis, and to conduct Health Protection Research within University College London’s Centre for Behaviour Change, before being employed in his current role in January 2021.

Deirdre Timlin

Deirdre Timlin graduated from Abertay University in 2003 with a BSc(HONS) in Forensic Psychobiology. She completed her MSc in Health Psychology at Ulster University in 2015. Deirdre has recently been awarded her PhD entitled: Promoting uptake of the MIND diet to prevent cognitive decline in adults at midlife: Employing the Behaviour Change Wheel and COM-B  model (2020). Deirdre is currently doing her stage 2 training in health psychology, which she has completed mostly alongside her PhD. Deirdre currently works as an e-mentor on the MSc in Health Psychology at Ulster University.

Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett is currently a professor of clinical and health psychology at the University of Swansea. He has previously worked in the NHS as a clinical psychologist and as an academic health psychologist at Bristol and Cardiff Universities. He was Chair of the UK Division of Health Psychology between 2013-4 and co-editor of the British Journal of Health Psychology between 2006-2013.    

Dr Jenny McSharry 

Dr Jenny McSharry is a chartered Health Psychologist and lecturer in the School of Psychology at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway). Jenny is the Deputy Director of the MSc in Health Psychology and Co-Director of the PhD in Health Psychology Practice at NUI Galway. Jenny has had an active role in the development of Health Psychology training in Ireland and is Past Chair and a Committee Member of the Psychological Society of Ireland Division of Health Psychology.

Jenny is the Assistant Director of the Health Behaviour Change Research Group, an international centre of excellence in health behaviour change intervention development, evaluation and implementation. Jenny leads a programme of research that takes a systematic approach to behaviour change to address current health priorities and healthcare challenges. Jenny has a particular interest in implementation science, and the application of behaviour change to promote the uptake of research into practice.

Dr Lisa Hynes

Dr Lisa Hynes is a Health Psychologist and Chartered Member of the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI). Lisa is the current Chair of the Division of Health Psychology within the PSI. She works for Croí Heart & Stroke Centre in Galway, as the Head of Health Programmes. The focus of Lisa’s work is on the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease and stroke, with an emphasis on stakeholder-led interventions and initiatives.

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Please note: this webinar will not be recorded. To avoid disappointment please only book a place if you are able to attend the live webinar.

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