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Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology Annual Conference 2019

04-06 November 2019, Hilton Liverpool City Centre

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Hosted in Liverpool, a city of radicalism and resistance, the 2019 Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology Annual Conference will explore the importance of human rights and social justice for clinical psychology training.

The theme of this year's conference is: 'Though your dreams be tossed and blown': Human rights, social justice and clinical psychologies of resistance. 

As a deepening neoliberalism in public institutions fuels ever greater health inequalities and squeezes social inclusion, we will be drawing on Merseyside's rich traditions of solidarity and proud sense of community to think together about how to connect future clinical psychologists more deeply to human rights principles and mobilise psychology as a force for progressive social change. 

The human rights values of participation, accountability and transparency, respect for diversity, empowerment and universality will provide a broad framework for the conference, including the historical, professional and legal accountabilities of clinical psychology theory and practice. Liverpool's history as a city will be reflected in themes of migration, co-production, identity, power and radical psychological theory. 

Key questions for trainers will include: 

  • How might liberation psychology and other radical traditions within psychology influence clinical psychology training? 
  • How do we widen participation in clinical psychology training in the context of funding changes? 
  • How do we challenge mental health stigma?
  • How do we decolonise the curriculum and maintain global connections?
  • How do we support trainee and supervisor mental health and wellbeing whilst navigating tensions between our professional, social and personal identities? 
  • How do we co-produce with experts by experience and communities? 

Keynote Speakers

We're pleased to confirm our Keynote Speakers:

  • Kat Alcock
  • Nimisha Patel
  • Rich Moth

We're also please to announce that we'll be joined by Sheila Coleman who will present a public lecture during the dinner on Monday night. 

This event is adminstered by a third-party provider; following any links for submissions or registration will take you to their webiste. For further information, please visit the Contact page.

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