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Monday 28th March 2022

Day 1 

Theme: Physical Health of People who have Intellectual Disabilities 



Sophie Doswell, Chair of the Faculty


Physical Health and People who have Intellectual Disabilities

Dr. Anne-Marie Doyle, Chair, Faculty for Clinical Health Psychology

11:15  Refreshment Break 

Integrating physical health into what we do 

Dr Karen Dodd,  Surry & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

12:30   Lunch

Workshop 1

Avoidant and Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) in Adults with ID

Alison Spencer

Workshop 2 

The Psychologist’s role in promoting and supporting the physical health of people with intellectual disabilities – survey findings and next steps.

Kate Allez

Workshop 3

Developing our Practice Around Obesity From a Trauma-Informed Perspective

Kirsten Collins

14:30  Refreshment Break
15:00  Workshops Repeated
16:15 Conference Closes

Tuesday 29th March 2022

Day 2 

Theme: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


Hearing the Voice 

Rowena Rossiter


Race, Racism and Intellectual Disabilities

Deborah Chinn

11:15 Refreshment Break

Breakout Room 1

Oral Presentations

Double Discrimination - Service for All?

Zenobia Nadirshaw

Breakout Room 2

Oral Presentations

Fun & fitness- using an integrated multiagency approach to support people with ID to access physical activities with innovative technology. 

Joel Parker

Breakout Room 3

Oral Presentations

How can I survive: A grounded theory of people who have learning disabilities experiences f navigating the benefit system. 

Emer O’Riordan


Breakout Room 1

Oral Presentations

Examining the stigma-resistance process in adult self-advocates with intellectual disabilities

Nikolaos Sarras

Breakout Room 2

Oral Presentations

Testing the feasibility of including young people experiencing learning disability in self-reported health and wellbeing research. 

Jenny Davison

Breakout Room 3

Oral Presentations

Recruiting people with ID to self-report research- whose voices do we hear?

Cathy Randle Phillips

12:45 Lunch 

People with learning disabilities experience of social inclusion/exclusion. 

Emer O’Riordan

An Evaluation of the Psychometric Properties of the Adapted PHQ-9 and GAD-7 Outcome Measures for use with Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Hannah Jenkins and Kate Theodore

Learning Disability Intensive Support Services – Network Survey results. What services look like, what is going well and what are the challenges. 

Jenni Shaw

14:00 Break

Barod Involvement 

Bryan Barod


Closing Remarks 

Sophie Doswell

15:30  Conference close
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