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Division Clinical Psychology Annual Conference 2021

Date : Tuesday 2 March 2021 Time: 09:45-17:10

Date: Wednesday 3 March 2021 Time: 08:55-16:45 


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Doing What Matters: Value-Driven Clinical Psychology in Action

It has been a year like no other. The global pandemic has brought incredible challenge, across health, education, public life, industry and all sectors of society. It has brought into sharper focus the inequalities that have long-existed. The virus itself is affecting some communities more than others. 

Lockdowns and going back-to-basics have meant for many people being thrust into poverty, poor health, isolation and situations of less choice, more uncertainty and increased distress. For workers in certain sectors, it has meant being exposed to physical and psychological harm. For others, it has brought the almost welcome requirement to step away from the rat-race, affording the opportunity to get back in touch with the meaningful stuff in life, such as getting fit, developing new skills and enhancing important relationships.

Coronovirus is proving to be discriminate.

Psychological well-being has been foregrounded in a way rarely seen previously. At the same time, the global tide has been shifting in relation to communities’ coming together to champion those working for the greater good, and to recognise and challenge oppression and discrimination, illustrated powerfully through the Black Lives Matter movement.

A fundamental principle of Clinical Psychology is to support those who experience inequality and oppression.  However, the profession has been criticised for identifying such significant issues but failing to act in a way that brings meaningful and sustained change aligned with that essential principle. Now is the time for action.

The Division of Clinical Psychology Virtual Conference 2021 will highlight the vital need to refresh our values - the reasons we exist as a profession - and cruicially, to identify actions at all levels of our practice, which will move us in the direction of what is valuable and most meaningful in our spheres of influence.

This year, we will be presenting the conference entirely online, live-streaming our speakers from around the world. So far, we are delighted to announce two invited speakers: Prof Susan Michie, Professor of Health Psychology and Director of the Centre of Behaviour Change and UCL, extensively published in the area of health-related behaviour intervention and change, and now on the UK Government’s SAGE committee – and Dr Russ Harris, psychotherapist, trainer, coach and leading expert proponent of Acceptance and Commitment therapy and author of many books including the Happiness Trap and The Reality Slap. We look forward to sharing further news of our developing programme.

All of our speakers bring their considerable experience, passions and leadership in maintaining a drive towards a key, meaningful purpose. They will challenge us to define and keep sight of what is important to us as a profession, as practitioners and as people, as we continue to strive to do what matters alongside those whose lives our work is there to serve.

Please note, this event will not be recorded. To avoid disappointment please only book a place if you are able to attend the live webinar.


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