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Division of Academics, Researchers & Teachers in Psychology, Where do we go from here? Making the most of online teaching in Psychology

28 April 2021 11:00 am - 1:30 pm
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Psychology educators have always embraced online and blended learning methods.

However, the pivot to predominantly online delivery, necessitated by the Covid19 pandemic, has forced many educators to abruptly adopt novel and sometimes unfamiliar ways of teaching.

While modern educators are usually resilient and resourceful, the last few months have not given many opportunities to reflect and take stock of these abrupt changes in delivery and methods and their consequences for our ongoing educational practice.

The aim of this DART-P CPD Webinar is to create a space to discuss, share and reflect upon our experiences of online delivery within psychology education and how we can take the best aspects of the experiences and integrate them into our ongoing teaching practice.

The Webinar has two main parts:

  1. in the first part, delegates will reflect upon and discuss their own experiences of online teaching and extract and articulate the most important aspects and themes to take forward.
  2. in the second part, our keynote speaker Dr. Emily Nordmann will lead the session and discuss the research on the pivot so far, how this aligns with the experiences of the delegates, and identify areas for future research and work that will help support the new normal.


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Non-Member £80.00
Student £10.00

The login details for this conference will be emailed to all registered attendees the day before the event.

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