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The Division of Academics, Researchers and Teachers in Psychology are proud to present their Inaugural Conference.

This 2 day event will comprise of a starting out in teaching psychology workshop followed by a day of symposia, oral presentations, teaching showcases, quick fire presentations and poster presentations all set in the state of the art Curzon Building at Birmingham City University.

Day 1 - Workshops

Topics will include:

  • Work-life balance and juggling an academic workload
  • Large and small group teaching: techniques to engage students in learning
  • Assessment and feedback: effectiveness and efficiency
  • Teaching research methods and statistics: making it relevant, accessible and fun
  • Developing teaching excellence for your own career development
  • A vision for the future of psychology education

Day 2 - Conference

Benefits of participating:

  • Introduction to the wide range of skills needed to teach within Higher Education
  • Gain an insight into the broader context of education within HE
  • Networking with other early career academics who teach, and with more experienced educators

Hosted By

We would like to extend our thanks to Birmingham City University for hosting this event.

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