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Defence And Security Psychology In A Changing World Annual Conference

04 May 2021 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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The Defence and Security Section Conference attracts practitioners and academics from around the UK and has something for everyone. Be inspired by our keynote speakers, discover new innovative research and connect with leading professionals from across the defence and security domain.

In this, our second conference, we are looking forward to providing a platform for quality research and practice from all of the psychology disciplines within the public services as well as the industrial, commercial and third sectors.

The theme for this year's conference is:

Defence and Security Psychology in a Changing World

1) The Psychology of Engagement and Relationship Building in Complex Environments.  

Defence and Security operates within a volatile, uncertain, complex and adaptive (VUCA) environment which brings its own challenges when engaging with diverse communities. We are keen to hear about your work and your experiences across a wide range of topics. This may include assurance and deterrence, defence engagement, threats to national security and public unrest.

2) The modernisation of Defence and Security through AI and Automation.  

(4) AI and automation are playing an increasingly important role in the way the Defence and Security sector operates. Your work in this area is of great benefit and interest to our community. It may be around human factors or cyber security and advanced system threats. You might be working on adapted approaches to neuropsychological practice, or developments in HR or training. Whatever your area of interest, we would love to hear from practitioners and researchers who are willing to share their knowledge about the changing world of defence and security.



The conference theme is Defence and Security Psychology in a Changing World.

Submissions are welcomed on the following topics:

1) The Psychology of Engagement and Relationship Building in Complex Environments. 

2) The modernisation of Defence and Security through AI and Automation.  

You should also read the submission guidelines and reviewer criteria as these will allow you to see how


Once you have read through the guidance documents you can make the submission using the button below.

Submission deadline: 

Oral Presentations & Poster Submissions - 10.00am, Tuesday 6 April 2021


Please note, this webinar will not be recorded. To avoid disappointment please only book a place if you are able to attend the live webinar.



We are delighted to announce two of our speakers for the Defence and Security Section Annual Conference 2021.

Professor Emma Parry

Understanding the future workforce: what does the changing world of work mean for UK Defence?

Emma Parry is Professor of Human Resource Management and Head of the Changing World of Work Group at Cranfield School of Management.  Her expertise focuses on the impact of the changing external context on work, the workplace and the workforce and the implications for managing people. In particular, she is interested in the influence of national context, technological advancement and workforce demographics. She has spent the past 18 years undertaking research within the Ministry of Defence.  Emma is a Fellow of the British Academy of Management, an Academic Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and an Honorary Fellow of the Institute for Employment Studies (IES). She has published several books and numerous papers in academic journals and practice-based publications.

Professor Emma Barrett

Trust and betrayal in an uncertain world 

Emma Barrett OBE is Professor of Psychology, Security and Trust at University of Manchester and the University's strategic lead for Digital Trust and Security. Her role involves leading and coordinating security-relevant research, with a particular emphasis on digital contexts. Her research interests include criminal behaviour; decision-making; betrayal, deception, and interpersonal manipulation; and human performance in extreme and challenging conditions. Emma is Director of SPRITE+, the EPSRC NetworkPlus [ https://spritehub.org ] for security, privacy, identity, and trust which fosters collaborations between academics, industry, government, and civil society. 

Before joining UoM in March 2018, Emma was Research to Practice Fellow at the Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST www.crestresearch.ac.uk ) at Lancaster University, leading efforts to ensure that CREST’s research activities focused on end user requirements, and fostering strong links between academics and stakeholders. From 2003-2015, she led a UK Government research unit that developed and applied behavioural, psychological, and social science research to a range of security and defence issues. 

Emma completed her doctorate in Psychology at the University of Birmingham. She also holds a MSc in Investigative Psychology, a Conversion Diploma in Psychology, and a BSc in Anthropology. She is the co-author of Extreme: Why some people thrive at the limits (Oxford University Press, 2014).


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Please note, this webinar will not be recorded. To avoid disappointment please only book a place if you are able to attend the live webinar.


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