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Decolonising Developmental Psychology

08 December 2021 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
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What Does Decolonization Demand from Psychology: Reflections on Otherness

This presentation will focus on answering the larger question: "what does decolonization demand from psychology at this moment?

Decolonial and decolonizing theories emerge out of different and often incommensurable genealogies of native studies on settler colonialism, decolonial theory from Latin America, and postcolonial theory that is rooted in European colonialism of Africa and Asia.

This presentation will clarify the key terms and will map steps toward a new vision of decolonial psychology. Postcolonial scholar, Leela Gandhi writes that “the careful retrieval of figures like Gandhi and Fanon is instructive to understanding decolonization. When decolonization returns to the colonial scene, “it finds two stories: the seductive narrative of power, and alongside that the counter-narrative of the colonized—politely, but firmly, declining the come-on of colonialism.

It is important to re-member both--to remember in other words, that postcoloniality derives its genealogy from both narratives. 

This presentation will focus on the tensions that arise as a result of these mutual and contradictory narratives of colonialism.

Thus, I will focus on how contemporary notions of “otherness” are derived from the violent legacy of colonialism and I will discuss how to remake our present by delinking from colonial forms of knowledge. I will draw on my ethnographic and historical research to show how we can fashion a truly decolonized psychology.

Learning Outcomes

This presentation is organized around three specific questions:

1) What terms “Decolonization” and “Decoloniality” mean for psychology?

2) How can we address the asymmetrical distribution of power within psychological science, research, training, and practice?

3) How can we recenter the voice of those people who are erased, marginalized, and made "small" in the discipline.

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Sunil Bhatia 

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