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DCP Virtual Workplace Wellbeing Group Meeting (09/07)

09 July 2020, 16:00-17:00 BST (Online)

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We are facing a global crises. Like many others, DCP is engaging with what these new and difficult circumstances mean for us personally, socially and in our work roles. We believe that individuals, teams and organisations need to play a part in taking collective responsibility to get through these challenging times.

We know that our services supporting people will be needed even more than ever. We also know that our resources and resilience will be stretched at this time of fear and great uncertainty. It is impressive to see many of our colleagues stepping up in a number of ways such as embracing new ways of working, supporting others, offering advice/guidance and above all promoting social connections and humanity.

In such a time of crises, we need social and professional support the most. The psychological impact of social distancing and loneliness is sure to rise, threatening our human need for connection and inclusion within a social collective. The wellbeing of the individual and organisations is going to be crucial for services to continue running. 

As part of our members’ wellbeing work stream we are initiating Virtual Workplace Wellbeing Group Meetings to offer a space for support, connection, reflection and learning. They are not Therapy Groups.

These regular group meetings will run for an hour. They will be hosted and facilitated by two members of the DCP Executive Group. People can join one meeting or more but there will be an expectation to stay for the whole duration of the meeting to minimize disruption.

Can't make this date? Check our Events Listing for other available dates.


  • Dr Amra S RaoConsultant Clinical Psychologist, Organisational & Leadership Development Consultant, DCP Exec.
  • Sheelagh RodgersConsultant Clinical Psychologist, DCP Exec.


How to Register

Registration is now open and available online only.

This event is only open to DCP Members.

In order to register for the event, you will need to sign in using your BPS log in details. If you are not a returning customer, you will need to create an account.


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