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DCoP Trainee Wellbeing Session

02 July 2020, 18:30-19:30 BST (Online)

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This event follows on from the online DCoP Practice and Wellbeing Sessions run by Masrita Ishaq and Yetunde Ade-Sorrano and is being run by Ben Amponsah (Trainee Rep) and Neha Cattra (Network and Interest Groups Lead). This event intends to be specific to in training members of either a taught programme or QCoP.

DCoP is hosting an open forum for our members in light of the Covid-19 pandemic for counselling psychologists in training.

The aim of this forum is to share practice and wellbeing needs by looking at how the extraordinary circumstances have changed the way we work, whether in organisations or independent practices. Please note this is not a therapy group so we will request that all participants share their name and where they are studying. 

How to Register

Registration is now open and available online only.

This event free to attend, is only open to DCoP Members and is limited to 30 attendees.

In order to register for the event, you will need to sign in using your BPS log in details. If you are not a returning customer, you will need to create an account.


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