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Contemporary issues in the thorny issue of obesity

20 June 2019 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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Speaker: Professor Jane Ogden

Obesity has been on the increase for over 30 years yet there remains much deliberation over its prevention and management.

Often creating heated arguments and sometimes polarising views, obesity generates debates over issues relating to blame, stigma, responsibility and even the old nature versus nurture chestnut.

This talk will explore some of the key contemporary issues surrounding obesity with a focus on:

  • biology versus behaviour
  • blame and responsibility
  • normalisation versus stigma
  • evidence vs stereotype

Further, it will assess the variation in the these factors across the different stages from prevention to onset to management and consider the implications for the language we use to talk about obesity and the way it is presented in the media.   

DHPNI are delighted that The Public Health Agency are supporting this event and look forward hearing from their representative Caroline Bloomfield regarding the development of an early years obesity prevention programme in Northern Ireland.

Speaker: Professor Jane Ogden

Registration deadline: 16 June
Queen’s University Belfast
Keir Building
School of Psychology
Room OG012
Stranmillis Road
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16:30 Arrive
17:00 Talk
18:00 Networking

Speaker: Jane Ogden

Jane Ogden is a Professor at the University of Surrey. She currently teaches psychology, vet, medical, nutrition and dietician students to think more psychologically about health and carries out research in eating behaviour, weight management, communication and symptom perception.

She is the author of 8 books including The Psychology of Dieting, The Good Parenting Food Guide and Thinking Critically about Research and has published over 200 research papers.  She is also a frequent contributor to the TV radio and print media.


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