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Spotlight on Careers


Gemma Learmonth is in the final stages of her PhD investigating the rehabilitative effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in stroke patients with hemispatial neglect at the University of Glasgow. She is also interested in spatial attention in non-clinical groups, particularly in healthy aging. Her main research interests include post-stroke cognitive dysfunction, stroke rehabilitation, brain stimulation (tDCS, TMS, tACS), pseudoneglect, EEG and neuroplasticity. Gemma will talk about her research and what it’s like to be a PhD student.

Educational Psychology

Cathy Atkinson is Curriculum Director of the Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology Programme and is also an HCPC registered Educational Psychologist and an active researcher. Dr Atkinson will talk about her career and the opportunities for students interested in pursuing education psychology.

Occupational Psychology

Tony Zarola is a chartered occupational psychologist and managing director of Zeal Solutions in Nottingham which seeks to bring usable science to bear on all aspects of human psychology at work, including recruitment and selection, training and development, leadership and managements and health and well-being in the workplace. Tony will talk about his career in occupational psychology.

Student Conference

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"Attending the conference as a student was inspirational, each lecture and symposium offered new dissertation ideas"

"If you love psychology you will love the BPS Conference"

The Student Conference is a stream within the BPS Annual Conference. We encourage student envolvement at the conference. The Student Conference includes Keynote Speakers, Spotlight on Careers and Student Poster sessions.

The Student Conference will take place on Tuesday 26 April the conference is a stream with the main programme in Suite 1 at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham.

POSTER PRESENTERS Please read the poster presentation guidlines carefully.

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Why you should attend

"Attending the BPS conference is a must for psychology students.
You have the opportunity to speak to a great deal of people in various fields of psychology,
attend talks in areas that you may not necessarily study a great deal on your course,
get great advice on careers and make loads of contacts with like-minded people.
Overall I felt a great sense of pride to be a part of the BPS, and the conference made me think
"this is what it's all about". If you love psychology, you will love the BPS conference"