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Compassion: For individuals, leaders and organisations

07 April 2022 9:00 am - 11:00 am
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A research-based, practical approach to compassion for individuals, leaders and organisations.

Compassion has a long and varied history in religion, philosophy, and economics.

More recently, the study of organisational compassion has emerged, and is rapidly gaining interest.

This webinar brings to the BPS recent research on compassion from an organisational, psychological, and neuroscientific perspective.

This is supplemented by the facilitator’s Behavioural Change MSc research examining the relationship between Organisational Compassion and Affective Commitment, and the facilitator’s Psychology MSc research on the effects of self-compassion interventions on self-reported measures of stress and anxiety on leaders.

This webinar will:

  1. Outline recent organisational, psychological, and neuroscientific research on compassion and self-compassion
  2. Deliver an in-depth understanding of the main constructs of compassion, and explain why compassion, empathy, sympathy, and altruism aren’t – and shouldn’t be - interchangeable
  3. Share why compassion is important from an individual, relational, and organisational perspective. This will include an examination of the impacts of compassion on wellbeing, alongside practical interventions to use with individuals and organisations.

Target audience

Target audience includes those working in the areas of organisational health and individual wellbeing. Suitable for independent practitioners and those working within organisations, the training will deliver useful understanding and practical applications for: HR policy architects, healthcare practitioners, OD&D practitioners, leadership coaches, behavioural change consultants. No previous knowledge or experience is required.

This webinar will be recorded and made available as a recording for everyone who registers.

Learning Outcomes

Delegates will leave this webinar with:

  1. A strong understanding of the various constructs of compassion
  2. Clear, research-based understanding of why compassion matters to individuals,
  3. leaders and organisations
  4. Clarity on why compassion has a reputational issue, and what organisational and neuroscientific research has to contribute to this debate
  5. Practical interventions to build compassionate capacity.

Presenter: Kirstie Drummond Papworth MBPSsS

Kirstie Drummond Papworth founded her organisational and behavioural change consultancy in 2013 and continues to work with a range of national and international businesses to embed sustainable, systemic change. Kirstie also works as the Executive Director of Experiential Learning for all degree programmes at London Business School. Kirstie’s MSc research in organisational compassion and on the impact of self-compassion on leaders has allowed her to work with a number of organisational and individual clients who are keen to measurably improve their compassionate capacity. She has a publishingcontract to bring her work on compassion to a wider audience, as part of a research-based, practitioner-focused book series. Kirstie has an MSc in Behavioural Change, and another MSc in Psychology. She is a member of the British Psychological Society, an executive coach with a Professional Certificate in Coaching from Henley Business School, is a NEO Psychometric Practitioner, a Systemic Constellations Master Practitioner, and has a CIPD Advanced Award in Organisational Development and Design.


Start: 09:00

Finish: 11:00

Price £96.00 (£ 80.00) + VAT)
Society member £58.20 (£48.50) + VAT)

Please note:
1. Online bookings will close at 09:00 7 April 2022.

2. A Zoom link to join the webinar will be sent to everyone registered on the webinar day.

To register for the webinar you need to sign into your BPS user account or create a new account by clicking the ‘create an account’ button. When signed in, click the ‘register’ button to book onto the workshop.

There is a £15 cancellation fee.

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