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Cognitive fitness

11 March 2022 10:30 am - 11:30 am
online webinar (one hour)
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Why do people attend university or go on courses?

In part it’s to learn new information, new content. However it’s also to learn to think more effectively; to improve the quality of their thinking.

As the quality of the results we achieve is largely a result of the quality of thinking that we do, improving the quality of our thinking as well as learning new information is a priority for many.

If either of these things are true for you, this webinar will be a great investment of your time. 

As a complementary webinar bonus, webinar participants will also have the opportunity to complete the metacognitive psychometric, Thinking Styles™ if they wish to, and receive their personal profile and report after they have attended the webinar.

This is a one hour webinar session. A recording of the session will be available afterwards for anyone who registesrs. 

Take a look at a Q&A session with Dr Fiona Beddoes-Jones interviewed by our journalist team for the Psychologist magazine.

Target audience

This webinar is for you if you have an interest in any of the following areas:

  1. Understanding and improving the quality of your thinking; ‘thinking in the right ways at the right time with flexibility, agility and strength’
  2. Understanding how mental health outcomes, particularly resilience, can be improved by a greater understanding of the concepts of Mental Fitness, Mental Toughness and Cognitive Fitness
  3. Knowing the differences between how Cognitive Fitness is conceptualised in the UK compared to the US
  4. Developing your metacognition and metacognitive awareness; thinking about thinking
  5. Leaders, managers, coaches, consultants, psychologists and HR professionals who have an interest in, or responsibility for, assisting others improve the quality of the thinking they do at work, individually or as a team, group or department.

Learning Outcomes

  1. To clarify the conceptual confusion around the terms of Cognitive Fitness and Mental Fitness and the differing definitions between the US and the UK
  2. To explore the 3 Pillars model of Cognitive Fitness and what it means for you; how you learn, how you lead and how you live
  3. Understanding how mental health outcomes can be improved by understanding the concepts of Mental Fitness, Mental Toughness and Cognitive Fitness
  4. To explore the 5 Steps to Cognitive Fitness
  5. To generate a Personal Action Plan regarding developing greater cognitive fitness.

Presenter: Dr Fiona Beddoes-Jones CPsychol

Dr Fiona Beddoes-Jones is a Chartered Psychologist and active member of the Division of Occupational Psychology where she was Co-Chair for the annual DOP Conference in 2017 and 2018 and is one of the current Co-Conveners of the DOP’s Volunteer Development Sub-Committee.  An experienced facilitator and presenter, Fiona has more than 25 years’ experience of designing and delivering learning and development events.  She is well-published from both academic and practitioner perspectives and is considered to be a ‘Thought Leader’ in the field of leadership and leadership development.  She completed her doctoral research into Authentic Leadership in 2013.


Start: 10:30

Finish: 11:30

Non-members £48.00 (£40.00 + VAT)
Society member

£30.00 (£25.00 + VAT)

Please note:

1. Online bookings will close at 10:03 on 11 March 2022.

2. A Zoom link to join the webinar will be sent to everyone registered on the webinar day.

To register for the webinar you need to sign into your BPS user account or create a new account by clicking the ‘create an account’ button. When signed in, click the ‘register’ button to book onto the workshop.

There is a £15 cancellation fee.

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