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Coaching Community and Career Development - A North West and South West Branches Event

16 June 2022 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
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Following the successful rollout of the Career Development and Coaching Community within the South West Branch, the North West Branch invited key speakers from both branches South West and North West to come and talk about their experience of setting up a coaching and mentoring community.  

This webinar will seek to inspire conversation within the North West Branch membership around coaching and career development and a dialogue about how the branch can take these ideas forward.

This event will primarily be relevant for graduate, early career and established career members of the North West and South West of England Branches but we also welcome all BPS members who are keen to upgrade their knowledge on career development strategies.

Learning outcomes 

This will be a great opportunity to disseminate psychologically informed mentoring and coaching strategies and perspectives on how to approach and prepare for real life challenges regarding choosing a career or transitioning onto a new one.

As these strategies are not taught in class or home it is vital that we become more involved and take the lead in mentoring our communities to develop the necessary resources in how to choose and prepare for our career.


Welcome and Introductions

Mia Pal- Chair of North West and Dawn Gosden, Associate Fellow of BPS, South West Branch

11:10 James Goodwin
11:40 Dawn Gosden and Angela Carter
12:30 Lorna Mills

Q&A and Open Lunch 

13:35 Lucy Pearse



Dawn Gosden

Dawn is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a BPS Chartered and HCPC Registered Occupational Psychologist, with over 23 years experience of providing occupational psychology consultancy to organisational development programmes in business. Her experience includes leadership and talent development, organisational change programmes and over, the last seven years, designing and implementing three coaching strategies, two in a large, nationally based organisation and the third in the BPS South West Branch. An accredited coach and coach supervisor with the International Society of Coaching Psychologists (MISCP) and published author in coaching psychology, Dawn has 13 years coaching and 4 years coach supervision experience. Within her coaching psychology business, Dawn offers one-to-one coaching, group/team/career coaching and coach supervision. Dawn is also a register of applied psychology practitioner supervisor (RAPPS) who regularly supervises coaches aspiring to become BPS Chartered Coaching Psychologists and/or achieve accreditation with the International Society of Coaching Psychologists.

James Goodwin – Careers Manager at BPS

James is a qualified careers adviser and has worked in the role of Careers Manager with the BPS since July 2021. Having worked in higher education careers for the past 10 years, with roles ranging from delivery of frontline careers advice and guidance to managing and delivering the central provision of careers advice at the University of Warwick. Throughout his time at Warwick James gain the Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. James now works at the BPS developing a strategy to support the careers of members and those with an interest in psychology. Having set up a strategy to deliver this he is now focusing on develop resources and interventions with the aim of the BPS becoming the go to ‘careers companion’ for BPS members and those with an interest in psychology at every stage of their career.

Lucy Pearse

Lucy Pearse is a psychology graduate who spent 16 years in education, across a wide range of primary schools as a TA, Teacher, SENCO and Deputy Headteacher.  Engaging with the South West Mentoring programme supported her at a time when she was moving out of teaching and towards a role within the field of applied psychology. Now working as an Assistant Educational Psychologist, and soon to be Trainee Educational Psychologist, Lucy is looking forward to sharing the impact of her experiences of being both a mentee and a mentor within the BPS South West Branch Mentoring programme during her time of transition.

Lorna Mills

Lorna is an executive coach working internationally with clients from all around the globe. She has a wealth of experience in supporting clients from numerous countries and a range of sectors. She enjoys working on projects with a diverse collection of organisations including fortune 500 companies such as Amazon and public sector organisations such as NHS England. Lorna studied Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology MSc at the University of East London and has BSc (Hons) in Behavioural Sciences from Huddersfield University. As a lifelong learner, she has also taken many business, management, and psychology related courses. In her spare time, she is an active member of the British Psychological Society Northwest committee, Hub lead for the BPS NW Liverpool hub, BPS NW Peer Practice Coaching group facilitator and a member of Toastmasters International. She is also a member of the BPS Division of Coaching". 

Dr Angela Carter

Angela is an Occupational Psychologist who passionately applies knowledge of work and organizational psychology (WOP) to our daily working lives. She has celebrated 50 years of working as a scientist and a practitioner first in the health care sector, then in higher education and consultancy. She worked at the Institute of Work Psychology, the University of Sheffield for twenty-five years as a researcher and lecturer. She published in a range of journals and founded the European Association of WOP’s InPractice journal in 2006 and is now the consulting editor. Latterly she has focused on youth employment being struck by how few organizations employ young people under the age of 24 years. Young People, Employment and Work Psychology: Interventions and Solutions was published in May 2019. Angela actively contributes to the BPS having been the Chair of the Division of Occupational Psychology, Chief Supervisor and Trustee (in times of change and regulation with the HCPC) and is currently the Chair of the South West of England Branch (SWB). She recognises the important role branches play listening to members’ needs and responding with appropriate initiatives, such as the SWB’s career coaching and mentoring programme.


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