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Coaching and Neurodiversity - Improving wellbeing

25 January 2021 9:30 am - 11:00 am
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This webinar will involve a live presentation from Nancy for approximately 45 minutes on: *The legal parameters of disability; *The role of coaching in disability adjustment; *Good coaching, and *Evaluating practice. This delivery will be followed by 45 minutes for questions from the 'audience' via text boxes and answers from Nancy. The whole webinar will run for one and a half hours.

Learning outcomes

All attendees will gain a clear and evidenced based review of the subject areas to ensure they: *understand the nature of coaching in the workplace; *understand and appreciate the importance of coaching in developing skills for those with disability; *understand legalities within the workplace regarding disability and *know how to seek out further training, methods for delivery and evaluation of coaching within the workplace.

Please note, this webinar will not be recorded. To avoid disappointment please only book a place if you are able to attend the live webinar.


Nancy Doyle is a member of the special group in Coaching Psychology, the International Society for Coaching Psych and has been a coaching professional in the ND field for nearly 20 years. Nancy has trained and supervised over 300 professional workplace coaches and her doctoral research explored the ethics and impact of applying coaching psychology to hidden disability in the workplace. She has extensive publications, including: 'Is coaching an effective adjustment for dyslexic adults?' (2015), 'Psychology at work: Improving wellbeing and productivity in the workplace' (2017) and 'Context matters: A review to formulate a conceptual framework for coaching as a disability accommodation' (2019). Nancy's coaching approach to assessments and neurodiversity support was the feature of a docuseries, Employable Me, which was award winning in the UK and syndicated worldwide, showing the positive psychology approach to ND. Nancy is a Research Fellow (Birkbeck University, Oct 2018-present) and CEO of Genius Within, a social enterprise working in UK and USA delivering support for employers and employees in managing neurodiversity at work. We support the journey from social exclusion to career ambition, working with people who are incarcerated through to senior execs, at the individual and organizational level.

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Please note, this webinar will not be recorded. To avoid disappointment please only book a place if you are able to attend the live webinar.

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