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The North West and North East of England Branches of the British Psychological Society (BPS) cordially invite you to their virtual conference on Complex Trauma and its impact on First Line Responders.

This conference brings together a variety of experts with direct specialist experience surrounding complex trauma working on the front line. 

The understanding of impact and effect of unrecognised trauma upon first line responders will open wider multidisciplinary discussion, providing a unique opportunity to advance delegates understanding and professional practice. 

By addressing trauma in major sectors and areas of concern of our society such as Military (Air, Army & Navy), Emergency Services (Ambulance, Coast Guard, Fire, Police, & Sea Rescue), Education, Domestic Abuse, Prison & Probation, Veterans, Voluntary and NGO’s; you will have the chance to learn how to recognise and respond to trauma in its earliest stages and the steps we can take to prevent the disastrous effects it can leave on people.

The conference aims to inform and upgrade the knowledge of professionals working in the courts of law, police, military, social work, education mental health nursing, service commissioning, psychology, psychiatry, and those working in trauma crisis teams especially the front line.

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