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Behaviour change : Public Health Interventions

18 January 2019 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
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Behaviour change theories and practices are at the heart of our training as clinical psychologists, the level of expertise might be considered unique among healthcare professionals.

Internationally there is a renewed interest in the potential for high quality effective behaviour change interventions that could make a real impact on some of the major health and social concerns of our time.

Approaches to improving psychical and psychological health outcomes are shifting to ways to influence population level changes that can lead to improvements in life expectancy and quality of life.

The speakers in this event will give us a rich set of examples of psychologically informed behaviour change approaches and ways to influence across a wide variety of current health and social concerns.

The British Psychological Society
30 Tabernacle Street

09:00 Registration & coffee
Welcome & Introduction
Roman Rackza, Chair DCP London
09:30 "What it would mean to have a model of child services that truly paid attention to helping the next generation to grow up to have greater psychological wellbeing and be more resilient, rather than directing the majority of resources to trying to help after things have gone wrong?"
Julia Faulconbridge, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, BPS DCP Chair
10:00 “The truth doesn’t set you free” - Reducing Knife Crime
 Karyn McCluskey, Chief Executive, Community Justice Scotland
10:30 Coffee break

“Beyond Therapy - Applications of Behavioural Science to Health, Sustainability and Social Justice”
Paul Chadwick, Associate Professor and Assistant Director, UCL Centre for Behaviour Change

11:20 ‘Behavioural Insights and Public Health’
Anna Sallis, Health Psychologist and Deputy Head of Behavioural Insights, Public Health England
11:50 Q&A Panel Discussion
12:30 DCP London Annual GeneraL Meeting
13:00 Lunch


Dr. Chadwick is Associate Professor and Assistant Director of the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change where he works on the development of interdisciplinary approaches to research and practice in behaviour change as applied to issues of health, sustainably, social justice and technology.  Paul is a Clinical Psychologist by training and his work has been at the forefront of developing, evaluating and disseminating evidence-based approaches to obesity and diabetes management in the UK, and internationally. He set up the worlds first interdisciplinary MSc programme in Behaviour Change  and works on several large-scale trials of behaviour change interventions funded by the CDC and NIHR. Most recently he has been exploring the applications of behaviour change science to such diverse issues as reducing gender-based violence in low and middle income economies, embedding change within organisations, and the de-carbonisation of housing.

Julia Faulconbridge is a consultant clinical psychologist who, before retirement from the NHS, led a community-based clinical psychology and counselling service in Nottingham. She is Chair of the Division of Clinical Psychology  and a past Chair of the Faculty for Children, Young People and their Families.

Karyn McCluskey,Chief Executive, Community Justice Scotland.  Karyn worked in the police for the last 22 years in Sussex, Lancashire, West Mercia, Strathclyde and Police Scotland. She has just recently taken up the post of Chief Executive for Community Justice Scotland.  She was Director of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit for the last decade, which proposed a different way of addressing violence in Scotland. They developed injury surveillance, gang intervention and gang exit, and focused on preventing knife carrying and injury. She helps support Medics Against Violence charity in Scotland, set up in conjunction with the Violence Reduction Unit.  Karyn trained as a registered nurse, has a B.Sc and M.Sc in Psychology and is a fellow by distinction of the Faculty of Public Health. She received Honorary Doctorate from University of Glasgow for work on prevention of violence and an Honorary Masters from the Open University. She is an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Glasgow. She has worked in a variety of areas within the NHS, East Africa and HM Prisons. She has published work on Armed Robbery teams, Alcohol and Violence Interventions in a clinical setting and Violence Reduction. 

Anna Sallis ,CPsychol, CSci, AFBPsS is a Health Psychologist and Deputy Head of Behavioural Insights at Public Health England (PHEBI). Anna is the expert advisor in the team leading RCTs and delivering strategic behavioural analysis work across a range of areas of public health and health protection including antimicrobial stewardship and infection prevention and control.  The team deliver masterclasses on behavioural insights to local authority public health staff to help embed behavioural science into the public health system and have recently published the first behavioural and social sciences strategy. Anna has previously worked for the Department of Health and Social Care and the Department for Work and Pensions as a social researcher and psychologist.

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