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6th International expert-meeting on the clinical approaches of exceptional experiences

Clinical approaches to exceptional experiences 

Friday 13 May – 12.00 – 17.30

Saturday 14 May – 08.30 – 17.00

BPS London office:  30 Tabernacle Street, London, EC2A 4UE


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Clinical approaches to exceptional experiences (International speakers)

Joint sponsors BPS Psychotherapy Section and EU grant CPER-Ariane (2020-2022)

You are warmly invited to a unique international event, suitable both for seasoned clinicians and clinical students.  

Experienced speakers will widen your clinical appreciation of clients’ presentation of trauma in the form of exceptional experiences.

These may be in visual, spoken and other modalities. 

Clinical approaches allow exploration of underlying personal traumas and clients’ unmet needs that these experiences frequently mask.

This is a fast-developing field within psychotherapy that is little-known and often avoided by clinicians, as potentially controversial. 

About half of experiencers of quasi-anomalous events find these distressing, and seek explanations and resolution of such as events as hearing voices, anticipating events and other uncanny matters that are often difficult to share with others.

Speakers will show from case histories how these experiences relate to general psychological theory and psychological practice, making accessible the often-surprising opportunities for personal growth and resolution of traumas that these experiences represent. 

Previous clinical experience in this field is not necessary to attend, and there will be abundant time for discussion. 

The aim of the event is to spread this knowledge more widely and to create supportive professional networking.


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