I Think, Therefore I Am: Separating the Trauma From the Person

30 May 20242:00pm - 3:30pm
  • Violence and trauma
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Online workshop
Division of Forensic Psychology
DFP - Northern Ireland

'I Think, Therefore I Am – Separating the Trauma From the Person' - Dr Alistair Black

Dr Black will be speaking about the impact of complex trauma histories on people's views of themselves and the world around them, how this impacts on impulsive and risky behaviours, and the challenges of trauma intervention with people for whom touching on the trauma may increase risk behaviours.

How to take part

Forensic Interest in Trauma meet-ups are organised by the Division of Forensic Psychology in Northern Ireland, for members and interested colleagues.

Providing opportunities to promote, support and share information on trauma-informed practice with people who have offended and the organisations that provide services for them.

This event will be held online.

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