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East Midlands Branch 2017

The inaugural BPS East Midlands Branch Annual Conference, took place on 13 September 2017, in Debry and acted as an official launch for the new Branch.

In addition, we had one ‘Psychology in the City’ event, which serve as a show case for psychological research and practice, in the region. The events are open to the members of the Society, as well as to other interested parties.  The first Psychology in the City event was well attended by a good mix of academic and practitioner psychologists, and by interested members of the public

Following the AGM in September 2017 during the successful inaugural East Midlands conference, the new committee was formed. We co-funded an event in December 2017 organized by the Community Psychology Section. In February, the Psychology of Harry Potter event was organized at the University of Northampton. We are one of the sponsors of the PsyPAG conference this year.

The above activities and sponsorship have helped raise the profile of the branch and has increased the membership on social media (i.e. Twitter and Facebook). 

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