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Committee objectives:

Strategically, to support the recruitment pipeline of able and committed Volunteers enabling the DOP to achieve its Strategic Plan.

Operationally, to support DOP Volunteers to be led and managed in ways which enable them to give their best, be their best and promote the best of our profession.

It is early days for the Volunteer Development Committee, but plans are already in place for:

  • Promoting volunteering at events
  • Improving the handling of enquiries
  • Providing realistic previews of volunteering
  • Helping volunteers make informed choices
  • Developing an induction pack for new volunteers
  • Organising a liaison day with the BPS
  • Training modules in core skills and processes
  • Mentoring and/or ‘buddying’ schemes
  • Building a database of volunteer skills and experience

We look forward to further progress over the coming months as this renewed focus on volunteer development continues to yield benefits for the Division.

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