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Neurodiversity and Employment

There are an estimated 1 in 5 adults of working age who are disabled and they are more likely to unemployed or underemployed. Our focus is on support for those with neurodiversity, for example dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADD/ADHD and autism, along with other conditions with a cognitive impact.


The Neurodiversity and Employment group supports a fair and transparent Division of Occupational Psychology which is open to opportunity for all.

Committee members each have a three year term.

Following this, positions are advertised and statements of interest are discussed with the committee in relation to the current needs of the group. Each statement is anonymised to reduce bias.

Committee Members

  • Belinda Medhurst
  • Gurleen Manku
  • Julie Freeborn
  • Nancy Doyle
  • Nicola James
  • Nina Parson
  • Max Chamberlain

2021 Working Group Meeting Dates



18 May 2021 09:30
21 July 2021 16:30
14 October 2021 11:30


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