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Neurodiversity and Employment

There are an estimated 1 in 5 adults of working age who are disabled and they are more likely to unemployed or underemployed. Our focus is on support for those with neurodiversity, for example dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADD/ADHD and autism, along with other conditions with a cognitive impact.

Aims & Objectives:

The objectives of the group are as follows:-

  1. To influence organisations, employers, regulatory bodies and government in relation to neurodiversity and employment issues (Influence)
  2. To produce guidance to raise professional practice standards for those who provide services for neurodiverse individuals (Competence)
  3. To promote awareness of neurodiversity within Occupational Psychology and more broadly to employers / Human Resources (Visibility)
  4. To promote research in neurodiversity to provide an evidence base for practice (Science)
  5. To provide careers guidance for Psychologists working in neurodiversity in employment settings (Employability)

Achievements and updates:

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