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Psychology of Health and Wellbeing

We believe that psychological health and wellbeing at work is currently one of the most important issues for Occupational Psychologists.

For much of the history of Occupational Psychology, we have focused attention on factors related to the performance and efficiency of people at work. 

Some attention has been given to stress and factors that damage well-being but little effort has been focused on positive wellbeing.

Yet we know from the available research that well-being and high performance are not incompatible - in fact they are directly positively related.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the role that Occupational Psychologists play and the contribution that they can make to health and wellbeing (H&WB) at work. To achieve this overall aim we:

  • identify and make accessible health and well-being support/expertise
  • learn and share knowledge
  • network, and establish a health and well-being community
  • promote our work to Occupational Psychologists, the wider psychologist community and external audiences
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