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Assessment Standards

The Assessment Standards Group was set up to promote standards of practice, which are both ethical and evidence based.

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While there is much good practice in the area, there are also many employers and providers whose practice is not up to standard with a resulting loss of benefit from the exercise and potential detriment to participants.

A clear set of standards would promote better practice by facilitating the evaluation of current practice, providing leverage for those who have to argue for the resources needed to carry out a centre effectively and underpinning training and performance management of assessment centre practitioners.

The DOP already produces best practice guidelines for Assessment Centres and the committee has used these a basis for more detailed standards taking into account the latest findings in the literature as well as accumulated practical experience of the group.

The new standards are compliant with the more general ISO 10667 standards on assessment. They have also been informed by a survey of practice identifying areas where current practice is most frequently deficient.

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