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Coronavirus Resources

Considerations for people from minority groups in the Covid-19 pandemic

03 July 2020

The aim of this resource paper is to think about the special considerations that are required for those from minority identities with regards to the pandemic.

When discussing minority groups, we utilise the definitions provided in the Equality Act (2010), but also take into consideration social inequality more broadly and other marginalised groups.

We also want to acknowledge the debates and preferences surrounding terminology, particularly with regards to protected characteristics.

We use the words ‘minority’ and ‘marginalised’ in line with our committee identity and purpose but are aware of the limitations of these terms.

Whilst the focus of this paper is on the Clinical Psychology workforce, many of the issues raised will be pertinent to individuals irrespective of their position as a professional or member of the public.

This resource paper is written by the British Psychological Society, Division of Clinical Psychology Minorities Group Subcommittee.

It is authored by the following members of the DCP Minorities Group:


  • Runa Dawood, Co-Chair
  • Homen Chow, Race and Culture Representative
  • Camilla Hogg, Mental Health Lead & Social
  • Media Coordinator
  • Yasmine Olabi, Faith Representative & Race and
  • Culture Representative
  • Daisy Sunderalingam, Disability Lead & Social
  • Media Coordinator
  • Aisha Walker, Events Coordinator
  • Candice Williams, Parenting Lead


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