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Protecting the psychological needs of healthcare staff

31 March 2020

The BPS has published a series of recommendations to help services to protect the mental health of both clinical and non-clinical teams while responding to the pandemic.

The full advice encompasses how to anticipate and fulfil the likely needs of healthcare staff once things begin to get back to normal and our healthcare system is able to start its recovery.

The principles that services will need to use during this phase include allowing space for taking stock and organising active learning events that involve healthcare staff at all levels.

It’s important to think about how to give thanks and rewards, assess the needs of staff and provide space for ongoing peer support.


In light of the situation that healthcare staff now find themselves in, BPS president David Murphy and lead clinician Julie Highfield (consultant psychologist ICU Cardiff) conducted a webinar to address some of the thinking and frameworks around the current psychological landscape for health workers.

View the webinar on the psychological needs of healthcare staff.


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