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Effective therapy via video: top tips

17 March 2020

The DCP Digital Healthcare Sub-Committee are currently developing a competence framework and training for applied psychologists to equip them for digital practice, and offer this interim resource as a response to the potential urgent need to offer remote working.

Most psychologists have experience of offering telephone consultations, and there are many similar considerations in having a video session.

There is good evidence that therapy can be delivered competently via different media, is usually acceptable to the client, and that it is possible to build up therapeutic relationships that are as strong as those formed in face-to-face therapy.

The information presented here is a resource for those planning video consultations and is not intended to replace local guidance.

It is recommended that you also consult any policy and/or guidance documents relevant to your NHS Trust/organisation.


We have also produced a free webinar for psychologists giving therapy over video during the Covid-19 pandemic and in the future.

View the webinar on providing effective therapy via video.


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