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Coronavirus Resources

Easing lockdown: how employers and employees can prepare for the new normal at work

11 May 2020

As plans for easing lockdown are announced in each of the four nations, employers and employees are preparing for new ways of working. To support transition to this ‘new normal’, the BPS Covid-19 Working Differently Group is developing psychologically informed resources which include advice, a staged model, and podcasts.

Exiting lockdown is expected to be gradual, with industries restarting at different times.

Since restrictions were introduced, employees have been working from home, furloughed, redeployed, or made redundant, while keyworkers have attended their usual workplace sometimes in markedly changed circumstances.

The impact of lockdown on life and work is varied with people experiencing its effects in different ways.

Making time to engage with employees, address expectations and concerns, and provide practical support, are three key strategies to help employers and employees work through this transition and meet future challenges.


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