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Psychological assessment of adults with learning or intellectual disabilities undertaken remotely

04 June 2020

These guidelines have the same scope as those developed for the profession as a whole, but relate specifically to psychological assessment of adults with learning/intellectual disabilities.

As with the general guidelines:

These guidelines apply to UK practitioner psychologists doing psychological assessments of individuals under the specific restrictions in practice which are in place during the Covid-19 pandemic. We acknowledge that remote assessment is already a recognised practice in some circumstances for particular groups; however, during the pandemic many psychologists who would not routinely consider remote assessment are being forced to do so due to the restrictions in place.

Assessment is defined here as the collection of data based on eliciting or observing behaviour according to a structured or manualised approach requiring some control of environmental variables and, often, comparison of individual performance with standardised data. Assessment approaches will include such things as administration of cognitive tests, structured questionnaires and observations of behaviour.

See the BPS guidelines on psychological assessment undertaken remotely for further information.

It is important to note that these guidelines refer only to the assessment of adults with learning/intellectual disabilities.

They do not refer to assessment of adults with specific learning difficulties.


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