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Covid-19 Coordinating Group

The Covid-19 Coordinating Group is a society-wide initiative, chaired by David Murphy (past BPS President) and Professor Daryl O'Connor (Chair of the Research Board), whose purpose is to facilitate collaboration and joined-up working across the society in response to the pandemic.

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Working Differently

Working Differently Workstream

This workstream is responding to work-related issues by bringing together the expertise of colleagues across occupational psychology and other areas of applied practice and research.

We have seen major changes to normal life and people and organisations have needed to adapt with little warning. This has given rise to many questions, such as:

  • How are employers and employees adjusting in the short to medium term?

  • Do we return to the old way of doing things, or will we see new approaches to working life? 

The group will consider the psychological ramifications of remote and tele-working, changing travel, and the potential for new economic models, along with the application of psychology to support employers and employees.

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