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Covid-19 Coordinating Group

The Covid-19 Coordinating Group is a society-wide initiative, chaired by David Murphy (past BPS President) and Professor Daryl O'Connor (Chair of the Research Board), whose purpose is to facilitate collaboration and joined-up working across the society in response to the pandemic.

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Research Priorities in Psychological Science Workstream

The purpose of this group is to produce a position paper aimed at funders and the wider psychological discipline, to give leadership and guidance, on key research priorities for psychological science in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 research priorities for psychological science: a qualitative analysis

In advance of the position paper on Covid-19 research priorities an online survey of psychological scientists was conducted with the aim of ensuring that key research priorities were not missed and to receive feedback on the priorities developed.

The following qualitative analysis is intended to sit alongside the main paper to highlight the research priorities identified by the broader psychological science community.

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