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Covid-19 Coordinating Group

The Covid-19 Coordinating Group is a society-wide initiative, chaired by David Murphy (past BPS President) and Professor Daryl O'Connor (Chair of the Research Board), whose purpose is to facilitate collaboration and joined-up working across the society in response to the pandemic.

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Community Action and Resilience (CAR) Workstream

The CAR workstream considers the ways in which psychology can inform, support and amplify community level responses to Covid-19 and our recovery from the pandemic.

We want to recognise the important role that communities and community organisations have played in looking after each other and our essential workers, whether through mutual aid groups, holding local and national government to account, or advocating for marginalised groups, and in doing so speak up for the importance of strengthening communities and inclusive participation processes as we try to #buildbackbetter after this pandemic. 

Community Psychology Resources of Interest in relation to Covid-19

We, the BPS Community Action Resilience (CAR) workstream, and Psychologists for Social Change have signed the Open Letter: Principles for a Just Recovery from COVID-19.

Our aim has been to apply these principles to our organisational responses.

The sections below include resources that may be relevant for psychologists working within or with certain communities, and many will be relevant for multiple communities.

We also recognise the diversity of humanity and intersectionality means that resources may not have relevance for some because of this.

Please note: this list is not definitive. More resources will be added over time.


Community Psychology Practice During/After Covid-19

Below provides suggestions around actions which psychologists can take in their teams and services now.

The actions listed place focus on forming a different relationship to ‘helper’ and ‘helped’ by working in partnership with those directly affected by the described issues.

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