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Community Action and Resilience

The CAR workstream considers the ways in which psychology can inform, support and amplify community level responses to Covid-19 and our recovery from the pandemic.


Amnesty UK article on Covid-19 and human rights.

United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner. Article on human rights.

Systematic review of community resilience

The Ecologist - article on how to centre community organising and mutual aid in response to coronavirus

An article by the group Tamera offering 5 suggestions

A guardian article about the possibility of positive change

Article discussing whether the forced change brought about by Covid-19 should inspire long term change

Online article which considers whetherl individualism will survive the coronavirus. 

Online article which puts forward the argument that the real choice we face regarding the Covid-19 outbreak is between individualism and collectivism, rather than between rationality and irrationality. 

Blog from Psychological Sciences Research which attempts to challenge the individual/cognitive emphasis in mainstream psychology.

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