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Submitting a complaint

This page contains information and guidance on how to submit a complaint to the British Psychological Society.

Complaints about a WPW registrant

The Wider Psychological Workforce (WPW) Register is a register of individuals in psychological practitioner roles that are not regulated by law.

It is a voluntary register which means that psychological practitioners on the register have chosen to join the register, even though they do not have to, to show their commitment to their area of practice and giving good and safe care.

For the Wider Psychological Workforce Register, the society will investigate issues relating to the fitness to practise of registrants in line with its objective of maintaining public protection.

Informal resolution

It’s best to raise a minor issue with an appropriate member of staff first (where the staff member is known) because it might be a simple case of misunderstanding or something that can be addressed with an apology, or an explanation, or a different solution.

We hope that the vast majority of concerns will be resolved in this way, and we aim to have these resolved within 20 working days of you raising the issue.

If you think the issue cannot be addressed informally or if your concerns have not been satisfactorily addressed informally, then please send us a Complaint or Appeal.

Our Complaints and Appeals Policy explains the differences between a Complaint and an Appeal, and gives some examples of each, but it doesn’t matter if you’re still not sure which it is – it’s still important that you contact us.

Making a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint against someone who is on the Wider Psychological Workforce Register, please complete the Wider Psychological Workforce (WPW) Register Concerns Form.

Anonymous feedback will not normally be investigated, and of course we cannot contact you with a response if we don’t know who you are. However, we will still record the complaint.

There may be exceptional circumstances under which we decide to investigate an anonymous complaint but these situations will be rare.

Group complaints or appeals

You can submit a complaint, or an appeal, as a group of people who are all affected by the same issue. If this is the case, please choose someone from the group to act as a representative for the

group, so that we have one consistent person to communicate with during the process, and you should tell us that you are acting on behalf of a group.

Your confidentiality

We will only use this information to investigate your concerns, and we will anonymise it where possible. Depending on the issue, it might not be possible to investigate effectively and maintain confidentiality, or it may not be in your best interests or those of the Society. If this is the case, we will explain the situation to you and tell you who we think we should share the information with.

Your personal data will be protected within the requirements of the current Data Protection laws and regulations and the Society’s compliance policy.

Contact details

You can email us at [email protected]

You can write to us at:

  • The British Psychological Society
    St Andrews House
    48 Princess Road East
    LE1 7DR

Or if these methods don’t suit you, you can call us and talk to someone who will be happy to discuss your individual needs. Please use our dedicated complaints line: 0116 252 9919.

Any complaints sent directly to members of society staff, including members of the Senior Management Team and Trustees will be forwarded to the central Complaints Team.

Apart from attempts to seek informal resolutions, staff and Trustees will not respond to complaints outside of our formal processes.

Our procedures, information and guidance

Please find further information about our procedures and guidance below:

If you can’t find what you need, please contact the Complaints Team by emailing us at [email protected] or phoning us on 0116 252 9919.

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