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Submitting a complaint

This page contains information and guidance on how to submit a complaint to the British Psychological Society.

Annual reports

Board of Trustees - Annual Review of Complaints 2021 (01 Jan 2021 to 09 Jan 2022)

The society publishes an annual report of complaints and their outcomes to ensure transparency whilst being mindful of the need for confidentiality.

Member Conduct Rules - Number of MCR cases and their outcomes


Not pursued

Not upheld




  1. Reputation
    Unethical conduct
10 1 2 x suspension
2 x expulsion
1 16
  1. HCPC outcome
    1 x suspension
1 x expulsion
  1. Misleading titles
1     1 2

Appeals against sanctions

  2   2 4
Totals 11 3 6 4 24

The expulsions and suspensions for unethical conduct arise from the termination of employment for reasons relating to inappropriate conduct with vulnerable people or from members engaging in activity that is outside of their scope of competence and which has potential to cause harm.

Number of Society Complaints and Qualifications Complaints cases and their outcomes

Subject of complaint



Following procedures 1 Not upheld
Quality of service 5 2 x Upheld
2 x Informal resolution
1 x Ongoing

Actions taken in the light of lessons learned from complaints, whether upheld or not:

  • The society is revising the procedure for proposing pieces of policy development work, to ensure that all relevant matters are considered thoroughly and that intended outcomes are clearly defined, before resources are committed to a project

  • We are developing guidance for members who are organising events specifically for students

  • We are improving the communication of our expectations of those who offer services in addition to their conducting of RQTU-entry assessments

  • The Qualifications team is revising its procedures to ensure that marking criteria are made available to candidates, as is appropriate for fair and transparent assessment

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