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Submitting a complaint

This page contains information and guidance on how to submit a complaint to the British Psychological Society.

Complaints about the society

The British Psychological Society is committed to providing high quality services. We are open to feedback at any time and we seek to listen to and respond to views about the services we provide.

If anyone is dissatisfied with the services we provide we aim to resolve this quickly, fairly and effectively. We will address complaints positively and respond with an explanation, an apology or a suggestion on how to put things right. We will learn from each case and use lessons to improve our services.

Where possible we encourage informal resolution of concerns. Concerns of a minor nature should be raised immediately with a member of staff who has responsibility for the service, with the aim of resolving the problem directly and informally. We hope that the majority of concerns will be resolved in this way.

If concerns cannot be satisfactorily resolved informally, or if the matter is serious and informal resolution would be inappropriate, then the formal complaints procedure should be followed.

The Society Complaints Policy sets out what is eligible for consideration under the policy, how to raise a concern, and the procedure we will follow when we receive a complaint.

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