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Submitting a complaint

This page contains information and guidance on how to submit a complaint to the British Psychological Society.

Complaints about a member

Informal resolution

Where possible we encourage informal resolution of concerns and ask that if someone has concerns about the conduct of a Member that they tell the Member first if at all possible.

If they think this option is not appropriate, or if they do not feel comfortable taking that route, or if they cannot reach a satisfactory resolution informally, then they should raise the concern with the society.

Raising a concern

  • If you think someone is in immediate danger, you should call the police.
  • If you think a Member is acting unprofessionally in their practice as a psychological professional (i.e. they may not be Fit to Practise), then you should first raise this with their employer, if they have one.
  • If the Member is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as a Registered (or Practitioner) Psychologist (i.e. a Clinical Psychologist, Counselling Psychologist, Educational Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, Health Psychologist, Occupational Psychologist or Sports & Exercise Psychologist), then the concern should be raised directly with the HCPC because they are the body that regulates those professions (see www.hcpc-uk.org for details).
  • If the Member is on the Wider Psychological Workforce Register (i.e. as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner, Education Mental Health Wellbeing Practitioner, Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology or Clinical Associate in Psychology), then you should follow our process for submitting a complaint about a WPW Registrant.

If you are not sure, but you think people might be at risk, it is better to contact us to discuss the situation rather than do nothing.

If none of the situations above apply, and you think a Member is in breach of the Member Conduct Rules, then please contact the Quality Assurance and Standards team with your complaint and your evidence.

You can write to:

  • Quality Assurance and Standards Officer
    St Andrews House
    48 Princess Road East
    LE1 7DR

Or email us at [email protected]

We are currently working from home and unable to take telephone calls.

The Member Conduct Rules

The Member Conduct Rules include the Rules, the process that we follow when we received a concern about a member's conduct, what we consider as evidence of a breach of the rules, and how we decide on appropriate sanctions where rules have been breached.

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