Committee on Test Standards Verifiers’ group: Vacancy for Verifier – Forensic Context Testing

Verifiers are responsible for improving the practice and standards of psychometric assessment, drawing on advances in psychological testing theory and developments in testing methods and technology.

The Committee on Test Standards (CTS) leads initiatives to promote technical standards in the design and development of psychological tests, and their use by psychologists and non-psychologists.

This includes the development of competence-based test user certification, test reviews and test registration. The CTS also oversees the appointment of verifiers for the Society's educational, forensic and occupational qualifications in psychological testing.

Overview of the Role

Verifiers are responsible for improving the practice and standards of psychometric assessment, drawing on advances in psychological testing theory and developments in testing methods and technology.

Verifiers are responsible for reviewing, advising on and approving psychometric test user training materials submitted by assessors.

Verifiers also conduct quality assurance reviews of the assessors' trainee evaluation materials, acting with the delegated authority of the CTS and operating in accordance with the relevant codes of conduct.

Verifiers from all groups (educational, forensic and occupational) usually meet four times each year to discuss operational issues related to visits, review practices and procedures and to identify issues that may need to be raised with the BPS office.

Role Profile

  • To work as part of the verifiers' group to monitor the standards of assessment carried out by assessors
  • To provide verification and quality assurance services for assessors which will consist of:
    - Reviewing assessment procedures and materials
    - Providing feedback on current good practice as recommended by the verifiers' group
    - Providing guidance on improvements to current practice
    - Review completed test user assessment and evaluation materials as part of the quality assurance process
  • To maintain and develop knowledge relevant to the content of the BPS qualifications in psychological testing
  • To act as a representative of the Society when undertaking verification and quality assurance duties
  • To inform the Senior Verifier of the need for any changes or amendments to the test standards, and to make recommendations on matters of procedure and content.
  • To attend verifiers' group meetings
  • To meet the requirements set out in the Society's codes of conduct
  • To carry out other duties deemed as appropriate for a verifier

Person Specification

  • Significant experience as a BPS Chartered Psychologist and Verified Assessor, within the specified professional Domain.
  • Be currently involved in training and assessment in occupational, educational or forensic test use. (Applied practice needs to be Domain specific.)
  • Has a sound understanding of current issues in testing
  • Be committed to best practice and enhancing the standards of psychological testing.
  • Has good interpersonal skills to facilitate positive and constructive relationships with colleagues, assessors and test users
  • Be willing to undertake professional development
  • Currently holds and will maintain entry on the Society's Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) (Domain specific)
  • Experience in using, developing, researching or training in psychological testing
    Personal Qualities
  • Ability to build rapport with both clients (assessors) and colleagues
  • Ability and self-confidence to assert a position in a firm yet non-confrontational manner
  • Consultative leadership style
  • Attention to detail
  • Willingness to embrace and positively respond to change
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Excellent decision making skills
  • Facilitation skills

Successful applicants must be able to commit to attend meetings and to, at least, a further 10 days per annum to verification visits or other group related tasks. Visits are usually conducted online.

New appointments initially last for a one-year period, after which they can be extended for a further two-years. This period may also be extended at the discretion of CTS for up to a maximum of six concurrent years.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for this post please contact [email protected] to request a Statement of Interest form.

Interested parties are welcome to contact the Senior Forensic Verifier via the BPS office for an informal discussion before they put forward their statement of interest.

Verifiers will be financially compensated at rates determined by the BPS, further details are available upon request.

The closing date for applications is Friday 05 July 2024.