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Planes, trains, and automobiles... the Society Review rolls on!

24 September 2018 | by Society Review

Since our first blog post a couple of weeks ago we’ve been taking every opportunity to speak to as many Networks as possible... it’s been busy!

The week of the 10-14th September we were based in the Society’s London Offices.

During this time we attended committee meetings for DFP, DARTP, DOP and the Sexualities and Psychotherapy Sections.

We also hosted representative from many other Branches, Sections and Faculties alongside further webinar sessions where anyone was able to attend.

Generally the feedback that we're receiving from members is fairly consistent, so we’ve got good ideas as to how to position the Review moving forward.

We'd also like to extend our thanks to everyone who has commented on our Society Review page so far, and reiterate that all your suggestions, questions, and recommendations, are being taken onboard.

If you want to contribute to this process why not head over to our Society Review page and add your own comment(s)?

If that first week in London felt quite hectic, then what was to follow in the last week or so has been even more so.

Since Monday the Review Tour has taken Judith and I up to Manchester, Norwich and Newcastle (via Edinburgh).

We’ve been welcomed to present by both the North West and East of England Branches as well as providing a session to the DCP Strategy meeting. We’ve even managed to squeeze in a couple of additional webinars with Faculties of the DCP.

Although extremely busy and having to take advantage of all modes of transport available (trains, planes and automobiles!), we have just about managed to get through the week without too many issues.

The storm blowing in from the east did cause some issues in getting back from Newcastle, but that was only a minor inconvenience in relation to all of the positive sessions we’ve had. 

The week isn’t over yet – we’re due to travel down to the South West of England for meetings with the local Branch and the DECP, but after what we’ve achieved logistically this week already this should be relatively simple.

After a weekend at home (for a change) we’ll be heading into a big week of Branch meetings, webinar sessions, presentations to BPS staff and the Trustees.

Although it has been very busy and has involved a lot of time away from the office over the past couple of weeks, the whole process has so far been incredibly useful and interesting.

Without the input of the committees, member network representatives and members who have taken the time to either host us or come along to one of the sessions, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved and has contributed to the important debate and dialogue around the Society Review – it’s been invaluable.

We’ll update you again in due course to let you know how these sessions go.

- Liam Gallagher, Society Review Project Officer


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