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Membership matters - PsyPAG integration into the BPS

28 July 2021 | by PsyPAG

Our Director of Membership, Professional Development and Standards, Karen Beamish shares her thoughts on the integration of PsyPAG (the postgraduate affairs group) into the BPS.

At the BPS we are always looking for ways to ensure we are best representing and supporting all of our membership and it is important that we have strong voices within the society to represent our members at all levels and stages of their career journey within psychology.

An incredibly important group is postgraduate psychologists, Postgraduate psychologists have been represented by PsyPAG, the Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group, for over thirty years.

It has offered support, advice, events, publications and a network of likeminded individuals for postgraduate students across the country.

PsyPAG has been solely funded by the BPS Research Board and while it has always worked closely with the society, we wanted to look at ways that the postgraduate voice could be better represented in the BPS to ensure better outcomes and opportunities for all.

We are delighted that the result of a long consultation with the PsyPAG committee is that PsyPAG is now an official group within the BPS. This means that members will be able to access greater support for running events, producing publications, communicating with members and opportunities to network.

Perhaps most importantly, it will mean a strong voice for postgraduates in the society, with easier links in with other member networks, and the opportunity to contribute to society consultations – for example, on the proposed constitutional changes.

Of course being a BPS member also brings other benefits, including access to the BPS welfare fund, the monthly magazine, the Psychologist, subsidised Article Publication Charges to the 11 journals, subsidised and free events, and various discount opportunities.

Throughout this process we were determined to make sure this move was right for the postgraduate community and we are aware that for some people, the need to become a BPS member to now be part of the PsyPAG community could pose a challenge.

That is why we worked to agree a reduced membership fee for any PsyPAG members who are not currently members of the BPS.

If you join the society before the end of the year the application fee is waived and it will cost just £18. Of course, if people are already a BPS member then they are automatically added to the PsyPAG group.

We really believe that this is a positive step forward for both the society and post graduate psychologists, and we are looking forward to working closely together in the future.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the PsyPAG committee for all their work and enthusiasm to support this move, and also to encourage all PsyPAG members to check their preferences and ensure they are opted in to receive communications from their member network so you can stay up-to-date with all the latest news

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