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Jamie Hacker Hughes

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02 December 2016 | by Jamie Hacker Hughes

Towards the end of November around 20 psychologists, psychological therapists, wellbeing practitioners, and NHS managers met in a room in University College London – all members of a rapidly expanding clan.

To be precise, this was the third meeting of the CLaN (Collaborative Learning Network) which was established at the beginning of 2016 as the main output from our British Psychological Society and New Savoy Charter on Psychological Wellbeing and Resilience.

Past surveys from New Savoy and the BPS have identified high levels of stress and feelings of depression amongst mental health professionals, and these have been linked to the dominance of the ‘target culture’ in front line psychological therapy services.

Our resultant Charter, which you can access here, has been endorsed and supported by over 20 organisations, and calls for:

"...a resetting of the balance in the drive to increase access to psychological therapy services… a greater focus on staff psychological wellbeing and promoting effective services through models of ensuring good psychological wellbeing at work… co-creating compassionate workplaces and sustainable services… through organisations committing to monitor and improve the psychological wellbeing of their staff."    

The latest survey is live now at:

​And is open until the 31st of January. The Results of this survey will be reported at the New Savoy Conference on the 15th and 16th of March.

The CLaN aims to build on this work to foster a culture of openness, support and mutual learning, to develop a network of influence and awareness raising, and to share and evolve our tools for wellbeing and organisational interventions.

To do this however we really need to have as many as possible of you, and the organisations that you work for, on board.


Jamie Hacker Hughes (Presidential Team Project Champion) - [email protected]

Amra Rao (BPS Steering Group Lead) - [email protected]

Jeremy Clarke (New Savoy Steering Group Lead) - [email protected]


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