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Chief Executive

A strategy for the future

28 February 2020 | by Chief Executive

Our strategic plan, launched in 2015 to cover five years, is coming to the end of its life, and we want to embrace co-creation as we develop a replacement to inform the next five years for the BPS.

I see three areas which we need to get right, and where we need our members’ help to make sure that our strategy is delivering what you want.

We need to agree on the values that underpin everything we do. I see this covering diversity and inclusion, where our President David Murphy is currently leading a taskforce, but also promoting the highest standards of scientific research in psychology.

I also think that we need to decide on the core purpose of the BPS, as both a professional body representing our members, and a learned society that advances the discipline.

With the expertise of our members and volunteers, I know that we can be successful in both areas.

Ultimately, our values and purpose will create a vision for the next five years. I have said that I want the BPS to be the true home for psychology in the UK, but I’d be really interested to hear what your brief vision statement for us would be.

Developing a new strategic plan for the society is all a part of our work to build an organisation that is fit for the future, and delivers what our members need.

Our member journey project is key to this, and has co-creation at its very heart – staff, members and representatives from our partners The Social Kinetic recently came together for two events in London and Leeds to discuss solutions to the problems that we know members are having.

It’s vital that members from all areas and levels of the society are able to feed in to this work and give us your suggestions for what the BPS of the future should look like.

I’ll be presenting the results from our member journey work at the next Board of Trustees meeting, to our past presidents at the end of March, and the next meeting of the Senate will give member network representatives their chance to get involved.

We want all of you to have your say, though, so we will soon be launching a new online community to allow suggestions and questions on all of our transformation work to come directly to us.

Keep an eye on your inbox, and join up and get involved so that we can keep you updated across what is going to be an exciting time for all of us.



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