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28 August 2020 | by Chief Executive

The BPS responds to calls for evidence on a regular basis, but our recent submission to the House of Lords’ Covid-19 committee felt particularly significant.

The committee is looking at the long-term implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on our economy and our society, areas where psychology is able not just to inform on issues that are likely to arise, but propose practical solutions.

I’m pleased that this is seen by policymakers, as we were specifically invited to respond to this call of evidence.

Our response draws on expertise from across our membership and covers areas including preparation for a possible second wave, long term changes to ways of working, and developing a psychologically informed approach to healthcare.

One area that I particularly want to highlight, though, is our section on rising inequality and the next generation.

Our Senate policy priority for this year has been centred around poverty and, with the challenges posed by Covid-19, we have decided to extend this focus for a further year to make sure that we are able to do it justice.

People have not experienced this pandemic equally, and it’s vital that those who have been hit hardest, whether that’s because they live in poverty, have experienced in-home violence, have been shielding for the long-term or any other reason, are given the support they need.

That’s what our Senate campaign will continue to argue for throughout 2021, and we will bring together the objectives of our Covid-19 workstreams to link with the poverty focus during the recovery phase of the pandemic.

Child poverty in the UK has increased by 2.8 per cent over the last four years and, unfortunately, one of the outcomes of the pandemic and subsequent recession is likely to be that this figure continues to grow.

We have recently seen, through the way that Covid-19 has hit poorer communities the hardest, that poverty and inequality remains a significant problem for our society, and I know that psychology has much to contribute as we look to find a solution.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the Senate campaign, as well as our Covid-19 workstreams, but if you’re interested in getting involved then please do get in touch.


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