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Student Ambassador Blog - Samuel Kilby

23 February 2022 | by Guest

Samuel Kilby - one of our new Student Ambassadors - talks about what the role means to him.

The BPS student ambassador role has intrigued me ever since I was signposted by my professor. For me it presents a way to learn key skills that I can utilise throughout my academic journey. As someone who has usually been a passive observer throughout my education the thought of being able to not only benefit myself but fellow psychology students has motivated me to take up this role and make sure that all students understand the scope of what can be achieved with a degree in psychology.

The student ambassador role will also streamline communication between the BPS, students and universities. We will be able to share and showcase events and resources to ensure students get the most from their degrees. Student’s voices will also have an additional platform on which to be heard regarding their education.

As a student ambassador myself, I am determined to ensure that students have free and easy access to information from the BPS and are aware of all the benefits of BPS membership.

I look forward to being very involved in my university’s psychology society and ensuring that those with a passion for psychology can use all the BPS benefits, making sure no student misses out on any opportunity.

I want to make a difference to how students feel about their education and encourage fellow psychology students to be active in their beliefs - from ideas to action, and to know that people are listening. I believe that students who are confident and involved can not only help themselves, but leave behind something that can benefit future students as well.


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